• George Patterson

BlazeYL Releases New Single 'Stop X4'

London's BlazeYL is definitely someone to look for out in 2020, with his most recent track, 'Stop X4', putting some serious talent on display - kicking off yet another successful year for the House of Pharaohs member.

The track, produced by Honeywoodsix, starts off with a calm and wavy flow from Blaze before completely flipping over to an upbeat juxtaposition, showing fans just how versatile the upcoming rapper can be. This, accompanied by outstanding visuals, directed and cut by RED, create an amazing aesthetic for the track, reflecting the hard work and dedication Blaze has put into orchestrating this release.

Listen to 'Stop X4' Below:

We can expect to see more elite content like this from both a solo BlazeYL and his House of Pharaohs collective this year, as they begin to takeover and shape the new wave of hip-hop which is beginning to surface in the UK.


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