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Billy Racxx Gives An Impassioned Live Rendition Of “Melt My Face.”

Up-and-coming Houston artist Billy Racxx arrives with a live performance of his standout single, “Melt my Face.”

Having only released the refreshing rock-infused record, earlier last month, which has managed to garner an impressive 300,000+ streams on Spotify alone.

He now breathes a new lease of life into the track with an energetic and highly emotive live rendition. Throughout Racxx proves that not only is he a versatile artist but that he is an intrinsic performer (which is quite rare these days.) Racxx takes the term genre-bending to a whole other level on “Melt my Face,” as he sports a bold screamo-esque cadence; which he weaves with a hip-hop essence through speedy guitar riffs and the skittering hisses of percussion that created the perfect chaotic atmosphere to suit his impassioned subject matter.

Be sure to catch Billy Racxx’s live performance of Melt my Face here.

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