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Billie Eilish X Takashi Murakami Are Back for Another Iconic Collaboration

It feels like a lifetime since we last donned our sliders, and the hottest day of the year so far has hit us at a time we can only grit our teeth in anticipation for the first cold pint in the pub beer gardens - whenever that may be. If you are feeling the lockdown blues, do yourself a favour and order a box full of vibrant garms from the Billie Eilish x Takashi Murakami UT Collection to boost those serotonin vibes.

The colourful capsule collection is an ode to two prolific global icons, with Eilish representing her uncanny take on pop, and Takashi his contemporary art - and it’s the second time the two have collaborated with their unique artistic perspectives. Eilish and Takashi first met over Instagram, before they created the former’s video for you should see me in a crown - a psychedelic look into the duos complimenting styles, with the pop-phenomenon being brought to life as an anime queen for her video to revel in a, well, somewhat satirical monster attack and the sad faces of Takashi’s famous flowers.

The UT collection showcases exclusively designed graphics, with Eilish’s Blohsh symbol and the previously noted iconic flowers, as well as collages, sketches from her video and a unique Billie Eilish logo. The collection features enough t-shirts to rotate the whole of summer, and for when we do get out, the caps and bucket hat are our favourite pieces to guarantee we’ll be leaving the house in a complete fit. With Takashi’s roots, and Eilish’s influence on street style, we couldn’t think of a better brand than Japanese-born Uniqlo to bring the collaboration to our doors with our daily delivery of quarantine purchases.

Murakami, having accumulated a line-up of notable musicians for album artworks and much more between, famously experiments with blurring the line between art and commerce - and the UT Collection is no different. But with the pace Billie Eilish has infiltrated the music scene and the cult following she’s amassed from her abstract take on pop sounds and an inimitable signature look, we doubt the collaboration will be around for long.

Shop the collection from Monday 25th May online at Uniqlo and explore the collaboration now.

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