• Tawana Michael

Barney Artist Is On His Bike

The new Ep by Barney Artist ‘Bikes Are Bikes’ comes through with the poetic lucidity we know Barney well for as he effortlessly delivers over 7 tracks through rhythmic and mellow flows. We’re brought deeper into the detail of Barneys' intricate storytelling – cruising over feelings of desire, love tales and everyday life struggles. The well refined beats echo a sense of hip hop pulling from the old skool yet are brought forward with the fresh and new sounds of the new era, allowing Barney to expose his versatility and subtly in artistic curation. The ease at which Barney dictates his articulation pays dividends to the title of the Ep, as his lyrics are matter of fact, as it can be stated as fact that bikes are indeed bikes. We’ve come to appreciate this direct offering from the east London rapper, never failing to keep it real, providing a resonance that can’t be missed as we hold on to every word. Barney holds true to his self proclamation as the 'Artist' producing whole bodies of work with a clear vision and a nature of constructed performance, with meaning passed down further than the lyrics....he undoubtedly takes us on bike ride with this one!

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