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Ascending Soulstress muva of Earth Blesses Us With Earthy Tones On New Record “Affirmation.”

South-East London’s rising soulstress, muva of Earth, has gifted us with the ultimate vibes to warm the cold nights ahead, in the form of mesmerising new single “Affirmation.”

Produced by Nikhil Beats, who provides an intoxicating infusion of enriching hues and earthy tones on the instrumental; that drips with strings, brims with percussion and sways behind muva’s layered vocals which are bound to captivate you — thanks to her soulful and sultry tonality. Lyrically, muva’s pen flows openly, stirring an air of empowerment as she details the many pressures of women in society And delves into themes of love and female sexuality.

Although this is the soulstresses second single, what she has presented so far brings a sense of nostalgia and is almost reminiscent to Neo-Soul queen Erykah Badu - of course, with a contemporary and personal touch. Her talents and her all-round musical approach positions her amongst the like of Greentea Peng, Summer Pearl and many others who occupy this nuanced brand of soul; while simultaneously solidifying her own identity.

Speaking on the record, muva shared: “I wrote ‘Affirmation ’in a troubled state of mind in which, I had to remember who I am and who I am not. I wrote this song as a process of affirming who I want to be: ‘I am grateful to be alive, I want to love and take care of myself and I want to give back to my community’, this is what is important to me and every time I play this track I remember that.”

Be sure to check out Affirmation below!

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