• Thelma Khupe

Ambush Releases His Long-Awaited Debut Mixtape, 'Ask My Brother'.

Following the long-awaited release, Ambush's 'Ask my brother' is finally here.

The Camden rappers debut mixtape is fifteen tracks long with a respectable catalogue of features including Giggs, C Biz, Presi Pros, RA and D Double E.

Ambush created an initial buzz in the UK music scene after the release of his breakout single 'Jumpy' in 2018, which set the precedent for what was to be expected of the artists. His 'finesse and ferociousness' approach to his flows on bouncy tracks like 'started' work hand in hand with the sincerity in his delivery on more personal songs like 'How I feel'.

The tape leads its listeners into the rappers life at a personal, almost intimate level; The 10th track entitled 'It's me' samples a voice note:

'At the end of the day while you was in jail we were already talking about this situation, I already knew what was going to happen.'

Ambush gives us an insight into his past experiences and his circle of family and friends whilst also speaking about the realities of his lifestyle as he touches on the loss of his loved ones, conflicts and other circumstances and dilemmas he's endured.

For a debut, Ambush's Ask my brother exceeds expectations and has set the tone for an exciting start to his establishment in the UK music scene. Stream Ask my brother today:

Watch here


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