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Whipped Cream - Ari Lennox

The 27 year old Dreamville songstress is back to delivering her seductive sounds on her latest release 'Whipped Cream'. Since her debut Album 'PHO' she has been on tour around the globe and preparing her new offering to her loyal fans. the smooth and nostalgic single is the perfect song to relate to if the listener has ever been in a state of reflecting on a romantic situation that left much to be desired. The sweet vocals of Ari are a deceiving overcoat to the otherwise repressive lyrics, a very real song derived from personal experience.

Ari sings "Unrequited, admit it, you were never mine at all/Never mine, never mine" after expressing her thoughts and actions from feeling sad and filling a void with shopping to looking for attention from a man at a local gym. Ari gives the listener a song that can be enjoyed on the surface and during times of reflection, Her 90's influences are definitely showcased on this song.

Listen and comment below!

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