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10 Things We Love About: Carla Prata

Angolan-Portuguese artist Carla Prata continues to showcase her talents within the music scene. The 20-year old singer, who grew up between London, Angola and Lisbon captivates her listeners with a fusion of Afro/R&B adding the influence of her Angolan background, creating a unique and memorable sound. Previously dominating the music scene in Portugal, the singer now has her eyes set on the UK.

With her latest single "Certified Freak", the steamy track fuses trap and R&B to bring together a seductive sound complimented by Carla's indulgent vocals. With her next project 'SEX TAPE' coming soon, Carla is getting ready to put her mark on the UK.

We love your voice! - When did you start taking singing seriously?

I recorded my first song when I was 15 but that was in a studio. After that, I bought myself a microphone and kept doing it. I always took myself seriously and never liked to limit myself.

We love your sound! - Growing up in various places, what influence has this had on your sound?

Being exposed to so many different cultures just expands your knowledge of the world and your view. I guess that reflects on my music as well, I'm not going to lie if I didn't go to Angola, I wouldn't have matured as much as I did. So it plays a huge role in my music.

We love your song "Certified Freak"! - This track represents sensuality, female empowerment and exudes confidence. Where does this confidence come from? Have you always had that self-belief?

Outside it looks like I'm confident, but it's definitely something that has built with time. As I grow older, I just give less f***s!!

We love your versatility - Your last album 'Roots' was heavily Afro-Beats inspired with a strong Portuguese influence but "Certified Freak" is really different. What inspired the change and what genre would you try next?

I like to reinvent myself every project, I like challenges and I hate being in the studio feeling like I'm making the same song as last time. I think this is going to keep happening in every project. This project is more R&B, Trap and the next I don't even know what it's going to sound like. When I made 'Roots' I was listening to a lot of Burna Boy, WizKid and think I took a lot of inspiration from that.

We love your feature on Colors - It was very therapeutic to watch, what did that feel like for you and what was the process?

It was sick! I'd seen so many artists I like on the show. In 2019 I emailed them and didn't get a reply and in 2020 they emailed me saying they'd like to have me on the show. Me and my team drove to Berlin, I killed it in like 4 takes it was really good.

We love your style! - On your Instagram your style is so effortless, where do you get your style inspiration from? What is your go-to outfit?

I started skating around 11/12 so skate fashion I look to a lot. Big fan of brands like Odd Future, Vans. I really like oversized stuff and my inspiration definitely comes from skating. I did go through a phase of skinny jeans, I think everyone did! My go-to outfit would be a hoodie, joggers, and Air Force 1's.

We love how you like to connect with your followers - What is one message you would like to get across with your music?

One thing I want is for my fans to grow with me. I like to release different types of music, so for them to adapt with me that would be good. I want them to be comfortable with that and know it's ok to try new things.

We love your diversity and the different influences in your music - If you could choose two artists to collaborate with, who would they be and why?

Frank Ocean and The Weeknd. I love Frank Ocean, their voices are so angelical!

We love your work rate - What can we expect from Carla Prata for the rest of the year?

My new project 'SEX TAPE' is on the way, a few features with a couple of Portuguese artists and more!

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