Pip Millett Covers New Wave Transcendence Issue 

Cover Star: Pip Millett
Journalist: Elle Evans & Rehana Harmony
Creative Directors: Derrick Odafi, Zek Snaps 
Photographer: Elise Michely 
Stylist: Gina Corrieri 
Make Up: Jessica Niore 
Hair: Blessing Kambanga 
Visual Director: Azeez Bello 
Project Manager: Yasmin Hadr  

Pink Blazer, Vintage
Red Leather Trousers, Vintage
Printed Mesh Top, Zara
Red Marble Link Earrings, South Beath
Brown Mixed Leather Boots, Vintage

The raw honesty and realness screams through Pip’s wordsmith, having now released a slew of songs and an EP with tracks like “Do Well” - the title track of her EP, a timeless and sentimental offering which evokes memories of her childhood and pays homage to her hardworking family. “Make Me Cry”, a single Pip describes as a “breakup song” in which contrary to popular assumption she confesses is about “breaking up with depression”, she reflects “My first song, the one that’s done the best, is about being depressed”. “Ava” and “Talk About It” are all raw moments that only prove this.

At her tender age, Pip’s wisdom defies her years through displaying her maturity in spurs, letting her audience in on her darkest moments and taking on heavy subjects like mental health something she acknowledges as a “thing that is very present in many lives.”

Red Leather Jacket, Vintage
Ruched Top. H&M
Red Leather Trousers, Vintage
Pearl Earrings, Zara
Black Leather Boots, Vintage

Why did you decide to create a visual for the whole EP rather than a single?

Originally we had that idea and we were like ‘Oh fuck that’s very expensive!’ and then we said we’ll choose one song to do. This guy KC LOCKE got in touch with me on Instagram, so we asked him about it and he put the idea forward about doing four videos. That’s how that came about. We let him have free rein, he just asked about locations and I put them forward. The first part of that video is filmed in my old high school and I thought that it would be quite good because “Something About The Rain” is a song that is based around my grieving and that was mainly in high school. 

What message did you aim to send to the viewer with each visual? 

Yes! The second one was more happy, free, clear and less cluttered which is the opposite of most people’s lives!. It’s just one of those feel-good ones, we needed it to be light and clear and that’s what it is. The one after that is “Contact” and that’s filmed in my bedroom I think for obvious reasons *laughs*. “Do Well” is in my family home, that song is a homing one it’s about your parents pushing you to do whatever the fuck you want to do and being supportive! 

How do you hope to transcend in music and creatively?

I find that a hard question just because when I look far ahead into the future I’m still writing but a lot of my goals aren’t even musically based. I look to being a better person.

So transcending as a human being then?

Yeah! Whereas with music, I’m good with whatever happens to be honest. It doesn’t sound very ambitious but I work hard and I just hope that it pays off. 


There’s a separation between being content and being satisfied. The definition can change depending on the person, but for some being content means that you are happy with where you are at but you are striving for more and satisfied being you are happy with where you’re at. 

Yeah, I’m not satisfied but just not all of my things are musically based. Sometimes I think my link to music is a bit strange and don’t view myself as that much of an artist. I know I am but there are people out there that are way more technical with it and sometimes I feel like I’m a fraud *laughs*. If I don’t do music I should be a therapist or something *laughs* because I do feel like I blab around about shit and other people really know exactly what they want and what they’re doing. But do you know what! I’m 22 and we’ll figure it out at some point! But for now, I’m just going with it. 

White Leather Coat, Vintage
Strapless Dress. Vintage
Brown Wide Leg Trousers, ASOS Design
Cow Print Pony Hair Boots, Vintage
Gold Chain Shell Necklace, Kristie V Sheryn
Gold Hoop Earrings, And Other Stories
Gold Hoop With Pearl Decoration, ASOS

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