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Photographer - Naomisha 

Stylist - Khalilah

Stylist Assistant - Chimna

MUA - Tracy

Hair - Jaz

Lighting - Joe 

Models - Raihanna & Athena

Set Design - Rita Ade

SD Assistant - Maryiam


Coming back to work on my photography felt like I had  something to prove. Digging deep into creating an “original” concept can feel frustrating but I knew I wanted an ode to  60s/70s inspired fashion. Something about synchronized movements in that era of photography, fashion + matching  clothing just made me want to envision its place within my own work. It also helped that flared pants and eccentric patterns have a nostalgic feel to me, close to what the feeling of home brings. 

Tying it into feeling like an actual home, set design was super important to visually depict a from of home for me. I wanted to take small steps into the “home” set design and focus on a specific element.  

The red curtain was more of a nod to my childhood home, hanging around with my older sister with our matching church outfits. They seemed to be frozen in time with the 60’s/ 70’s when we were younger and I subconsciously wanted to hone into that narrative with pairing two models together.


We worked with 2 models that are close friends, and the concept fell into place with their chemistry. I wanted this to be a kick start into something connected to a broader concept of what home feels like to me as a visual artist.  

A talented group of people brought this project to life. With an almost all a black women team (Joe, our chilled lighting guy was the exception), the most shocking was that they all almost never experienced such a thing on set. When contacting the people I wanted for the team, I just knew I needed those who understood the vibe and subconsciously worked with women who I now admire.  

- Naomisha Phillips

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