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Vision AI

Photographer - Jake Spencer
Model - MarcB
Creative Editor - Charlie Long


marc 7.jpg
marc 15.jpg
marc 14.jpg
marc 16.jpg
marc 8.jpg

Step into a world where art merges with technology, where traditional pop art meets the dynamic energy of the future. In this captivating photography editorial, the boundaries of creativity are pushed as vibrant colors, and a lively atmosphere encapsulate the essence of excitement, hotness, comfort, and confidence.

marc red edit.jpg
marc 19.jpg
marc 4.jpg

Behind the lens, the Creative Directior shares a personal narrative, revealing a deeper layer to this editorial. Each frame serves as a reflection of their own emotional baggage and trauma, offering a unique perspective on the power of artistic expression as a form of catharsis and self-healing. The editorial becomes a testament to their resilience and a celebration of their achievements and successes since embarking on their modeling journey.

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