NOTICE by Arabella Kemp and Jack Harper


NOTICE is a very necessary project in the current climate we find ourselves in. The world is changing around us with each; day, conversation and ideas we express, the longer the pandemic seemingly takes over our lives. With that being said it is important for us to document these unprecedented times as it will be etched into the history book for decades after us to learn from and interpret.

Jack Harper and his partner Arabella Kemp are creative minds that understand the importance of creativity with purpose over aesthetics, therefore through the inconveniences, they have faced during this time, they took it upon themselves to document the way in which the virus has stripped us down to our rawest form of communication, ink to paper - through the vessel of notices placed on shop windows by high street businesses, explaining why they are closed. NOTICE is a capsule for how businesses are communicating with their consumers in a time of social distancing. Jack Harper is an interdisciplinary designer that is known for his work as Art Director and Designer with renowned Fashion Imprint A-Cold-Wall, now working freelance in various sectors. Arabella is a creative producer and graduated from the Glasgow Shoot of Art in Communication Design and an important member of the Kyra TV team.

It is no surprise that these two have cultivated a new design house that seeks for futuristic solutions in the creative industry, NOTICE, is a step in the right direction. Already almost SOLD OUT, the proceeds of the books, with hand made covers, will be contributed to the Vauxhall Foood Bank, supported by the Trussell Trust and more will be available on demand.

We spoke to Jack Harper in detail about the process of creating this capsule and

changes in his ideology post COVID-19



First of all, how has this period of isolation influenced your thoughts on society and the creative industry?

It's made me seriously reconsider the idea of responsible consumption. Defining the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’. Reflecting on society itself... I don't