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A New Wave Presentation

Mood Spins ft DJ SCYTHER

DJ Scyther’s unique ear for new talent has defined his multifaceted career as a DJ, producer and mixmaster. The blended inspiration of Afrobeats, Hip Hop, Dancehall & Grime was created while growing up in a Ghanaian & Jamaican household. Following in his father’s footsteps, he began perfecting his skills as a DJ in 2006 and quickly ascended to collaborate with notable artists such as Mista Silva, Kaniva & Big Tobz to craft and elevate their signature sound with his artistry.

Scyther is known for keeping his finger on the buzzer when it comes to music and can always be trusted to spin breakthrough hits in a seamless manner, shocking the crowd constantly. He has been featured on leading radio platforms such as BBC 1Xtra, BBC 1 Radio, Capital Xtra, Pulse FM, West Side Radio, Reprezent & Radar Radio.

For this feature, we get into the musical mind of DJ Scyther and ask him a few questions on music she would spin based on a particular situation. Scroll down for the full feature.

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You've been abducted by aliens and you wake up on the mothership, what song would describe how you feel at that moment?

In that moment I’ll have so many questions of why me, I will be confused so I chose the song,

Kuami Eugene - Confusion

You take a voyage into a remote location and you come across some of the natives, what song would you play to let them know you come in peace?

I feel the native of a peace song will be Kumbaya, My Lord by Riverside Gospel Group, it gives a feeling of just relaxing by the fire pit

You're on the motorway driving fast in the latest supercar, what song would best fit that moment? 

Tracy Chapman - Fast Car came to mind straight away has it just says fast car, it’s also one of my favourite songs, 1st hear this song on magic FM

What song would you play if you discover you've been betrayed by a close friend?

Kelly Price- Friend of Mine - this song expresses everything a friend can do no matter how close you are, keep your friends close but your enemies closer

What is the soundtrack to your life?

Michael Jackson- Man in The Mirror, I feel this song can relate to everyone, it’s starts with yourself to make a change

Everything seems to be going wrong and you need some motivation, what song are you playing?

Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up, this songs sets an example of not to give up and stand up for what you believe in, no matter how long it takes

You get one chance to get the girl of your dreams, what track are you choosing to win her over?

Sade - Smooth Operator - in this day in age, you gotta do things in a smooth and smart way, this song expresses how smooth you need to be

What song are you playing if someone expresses their love for you but you feel the same about someone else?

Nelly feat Kelly Rowland – Dilemma - this is a classic and brings so much to my childhood, it’s also a classic sample so it’s good singalong

You’re being held at gun point, what song would describe this moment for you?

Madonna - Die Another Day - I haven’t stamped my mark yet, God times is the only right time, I have more to do before I let go

You're about the play a set at a huge festival but your first song determines if you can keep playing, what song would that be?

Cameo, Candy - it’s a party starter, no mater what age, gender or culture you are from, it gets the party started

Listen To Scyther's The Winter Mix

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