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Music to me is one of the greatest things we have in this life. Something that can make you laugh, make you cry and every emotion in between. 

Shouts out music still 

A New Wave Presentation

Mood Spins ft CHEF DEE

London has become Chef Dee's canvas, where he has painted vibrant soundscapes that resonate with audiences on a visceral level. His magnetic presence behind the decks has turned him into a sought-after performer, gracing the stages of prestigious venues and events. A fixture at the cultural powerhouse Play Piem, Chef Dee has become a vital ingredient in their lineup, injecting his unique flavor into their immersive experiences.

Not content with just being a performer, Chef Dee is also a visionary co-founder of the renowned brand Lost Boys. This creative endeavor has captured the imagination of music aficionados, drawing them into a realm where music, art, and culture converge harmoniously. Lost Boys isn't just a brand; it's a movement that has taken flight under Chef Dee's guidance.For this feature, we get into the musical mind of Chef Dee and ask him a few questions on music he would spin based on a particular situation. Scroll down for the full feature.


You’re In a maximum security underground chamber and need to get your mind right to find a way out, what song do you play?

Young Thug - Mind Right...this was my grind song back in the day

You’ve entered a boardroom and you’ve been handed a life changing contact, what song do you play in that moment to make the right decision?

Aretha Franklin - Get It Right 

You’ve just been signed by your favorite football team for a record fee. What song do you play to describe your mentality at that time?

K Trap ft Headie One - No convo . After signing for a record fee I wouldn’t talk I’d just let my feet do the talking 

At an art auction, you’ve just purchased a highly valuable painting for a fraction of its value, what song do you play at that moment?

LEN - RACKISTAN because that’s where I’m moving to after selling the painting

Lost Boys are about to make their first appearance at London Fashion Week, what song would you play to set the tone for a reveal of the new collection?

Unreleased song but Probably 5eb - Motion because that is serioussssss motion 

You’re playing a set and you’ve just seen a young lady you want to introduce yourself to, what sound would you play to give her an idea of who you are?

Hmmm..the song isn’t out yet but Len - Can U I think the opening lyrics will let her know what type of time I’m on...Or Rusty Anthem by s5 & marts can’t even say too much they’ll kill me, or SkaiWater - Two depending on my mood fr

You’re on a Yacht in the South of France with your favorite adult beverage but you get a phone call to DJ at Tottenham Stadium within an hour, what song do you play at that time?

I support arsenal so I wouldn’t do that set..I could never be working for opps F*** spurs!

You’re in a time of major transition and confusion, what song do you play to keep focused and stay on course?

Bashfortheworld - Plata or Plomo this song would help me stay focused 

You Recently did a set with Travis Scott, what song would you play to describe that moment?

I’m not even trying to be extra but It was so crazy that there’s no song to describe the moment. Selecta suave was djing that night with me he’d probably say the same thing too. 

You’re going through a personal issue with a close friend and need a resolution. What song do you play to express that feeling?

I think I’d chose bawo turn& face I think this song would good to resolve and issue with a friend. The title says it all! Turn and face your issues fr

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