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Music is a form of language to me. It’s a spiritual type of communication, artistic expression, entertainment and a social movement. It brings people together. It helps me to feel like I belong in a world more divided than ever. It means everything to me.

A New Wave Presentation

Mood Spins ft AB Dollars

At the forefront of the captivating global movements of Afrobeats and Amapiano stands DJ AB Dollars. With an impressive history of accomplishments, including opening for Afro-Pop star Rema and gaining recognition from acclaimed artists like J Hus and Major League DJz, AB Dollars is establishing her prominent position in the industry.

Her widely acclaimed event series, "AB Dollars House Party," has become a sensation in underground circles, consistently attracting sold-out crowds. Additionally, her monthly RINSE FM show highlights the top sounds and artists in the music scene, featuring previous guests such as Grammy-nominated Tay Iwar

For this feature, we get into the musical mind of AB Dollars and ask her a few questions on music she would spin based on a particular situation. Scroll down for the full feature.


What song would you choose to capture the excitement, joy, and disbelief you might feel after winning a lottery jackpot?

Probably “It’s Plenty” by Burna Boy, that song feels like a World Cup anthem to me lol.

You have just been reunited with a long-lost loved one after a big disagreement, which songs would you include to capture the emotions of reconciliation?

I guess something bittersweet like “Abalele” by Kabza De Small & DJ Maphorisa featuring Ami Faku 

What song do you play when you’ve just moved to a new city and missing your friends?

It would probably be “Tanzania” by Uncle Waffles & Tony Duardo featuring Sino Msolo & BoiBizza, that song has the ultimate good vibes.

You’re at a friend's wedding but you don’t approve of their partner, what song would you play to make them aware of the decision they are about to make?

Ahahaha that’s none of my business! I’ll play “Sungba” by Asake featuring Burna Boy and be dancing in the corner.

You’re at a festival with 100,000 people and you've been called on stage by an artist to perform a song, what song and artist would that be?

If I was doing singalong on stage it’d probably be with Asake and we’d be singing “Terminator”.

You're on a canal cruise in Venice with the love of your life, what song do you play to capture the moment?

It would probably be “tell everybody” by Omah Lay featuring Tay Iwar or “Composure 2” by Odeal.

You’re flying high on a jetpack, what song would you play to express your feeling in that moment?

I’m 90% sure I wouldn’t be able to hear the audio of the track over the sound of me screaming but probably “Soweto” by Victony & Tempoe ahaha

What do you play when in the process of overcoming a personal fear or phobia?

“Izolo” by DJ Maphorisa, Tyler ICU & Visca feat. Madumane, Mpura & Daliwonga. This song feels like a movie soundtrack so it’s only right.

You’ve just been named best dressed at the Met Gala, what song would you play before your acceptance speech?

Burna Boy featuring Wizkid “B. D’OR” - the song speaks for itself so it’s only right.

You’ve been transported into a new dimension, what song would you play to remind you of home?

Something by J Hus no doubt. At the last AB Dollars House Party we had a really beautiful pull up moment when I played “Who Told You” that was one for the books.

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