Cast: Ferghas Clavey, Henry, Morris, Niamh McBride. Charlie Nayler. Jon Wered Hope, Emma Holt

With Thanks To: Chisenhale Dance, Studios Flora. Grant Annie-Rose, Grantham Kim, Chi Le Focus24 Hire

‘Lost Generation’ is a short film with a lot of meaning. The Collision Dance Theatre; a collective of young artists from around the world, creating work focused on mental health issues and climate change, have teamed up with Sonder Films for this piece. Together they have created ‘Lost Generation’, a film which focuses on the basis of human connection. Through the accompaniment of original music and a narrated poem, an imagery has been created that explores the animalist habits of human care and affection. They have depicted this essence through portraying the last standing human life. Stripping humans of their materialistic ideals and highlighting the importance of natural wonders that are taken for granted; love from family and friends, human touch, along with many other true riches.  


The symbolism behind this collaborative piece is signified greatly in the opening scene, with the quote “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack” Rudyard Kipling (1895), which places emphasis on the human and animal need for unity. As the film ends the importance on the need for human connection, touch, belonging and subsequently unity is highlighted. This has been accomplished through the imagery of the dancers coming together in a final embrace. The final scene is supported by the final parts of the poem; “we are the people” followed by “we are the pack”, signifying that at the end of the day, once we have been stripped of everything around us, we are simply living beings, alike and in need of each other.

Words by Barbara Naz