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Photographer - Massimiliano Giorgeschi
Stylist - Lucy Pugh-Bevan
Hair and Makeup - Chloe Rose using Burt’s Bee’s
Tyler Brown wearing Weekday and Joshua Sanders - RPD Models
Paris Hammond-Hagan wearing COS - Nevs Models

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Throughout this time of uncertainty, as three creatives and friends, we knew one thing: we wanted to shoot and express our creativity together.

Our collaborative concept is drawn from individual ideas, reflecting and taking inspiration from both a universal feeling of vulnerability and a need to reconnect to nature.

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Human connection drives our usual practice and was therefore something we wanted to express in this shoot. The themes of unity, protection, innocence and the natural world are explored in the delicate fabrics, the intimacy of the couple, the fragility of the flowers. The overall warmth and glow, bringing an element of comfort and well being.

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