Flo Milli

Interviewer Thelma Khupe

Photography Elena Cremona


Flo Milli Steps In The Party And Makes Us 'Weak'

Tamia Carter, aka ‘Flo Milli’, is one of 2020’s hottest new acts and reigns as the only female rapper to have come from the state of Alabama.

Having begun rapping at the age of just eleven, Flo Milli has always had a flair for music. But it wasn’t until the release of her breakout single ‘Beef FloMix’ in 2018, a remix of the Playboi Carti and Ethereal's track "Beef", that the rapper's success took to new heights. The hit went viral across social media, reaching number two on Spotify's Viral 50 in April 2019. Shortly after, her follow-up single "In the Party," amassed over 24 million Spotify plays and over 11 million streams on YouTube within its first five months.


And since the release of her debut tape ‘Ho, Why is you here?’ back in July, the young MC has proved herself as more than just a small town girl with big dreams, but a multifaceted MC with a flow so infectious and lyrics so catchy it’s gained cosigns from the likes of Cardi B, MIssy Elliot, Kehlani, the City Girls and more.