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Etta Bond Sets Herself Apart As A National Treasure In R&B/Soul

Words by  Blessing Borode & Rehana Harmony

Creative Direction:Derrick Odafi

Photography Diego Chacon Martinez

Hair Blessing Kambanga

Make Up Jessica Noire

Stylists Danielle Temeng

Retoucher Derrick Odafi

Visual Director Azeez BelloBrandon The Ruler

Project Manager Yasmine Haidar

Special Thanks to Listen Up Biz

Sequinned Strapless Dress Sebastian Nissl

Jewellery Isabel Marant Alighieri & ASOS 

Feathered Neck Piece  Handmade by Stylist

Ruffled Dress  Ana Sekularac

Jewellery  Isabel Marant & Alighieri 

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Throughout her experience of being in the music industry Etta has maintained her professionalism and often warns newcomers about the pitfalls of the industry. Her love for music is pure and constantly seeks balance to make sure her music consistently cuts through to the listener. Being very conscious about her environment she's not afraid to tell it like it is when necessary or bring people in for comfort and peace, especially through her vocal tone and musicality. Self-love is an important concept for Etta as she understands the highs and lows that come with the music industry and live as a whole. She practices such by facing fears, confronting insecurities and open conversations with those close to her. This has allowed her to understands the value of on a deeper level, seeking to protect her energy and elevating those around her.

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