Efya Discusses Her Nocturnal

Tendencies & Up Coming Virtual Tour

Releasing her second single of the year ‘The One’ featuring Tiwa Savage and albeit a global pandemic. We spoke to four-time Ghana awards winner, singer and songwriter Efya.

Recognisable for her vocals on Eazi’s ‘Skintight’ and Sarkodie’s ‘Saara’ the rising Ghanaian artist is making waves on the African continent with her originality and consistent collaborations, being acknowledged as one of the singers today who is contributing to the growth of African music on the global stage.

We spoke on her musical education, nocturnal creativity, her up and coming album and what can expect from her in 2020 and the importance of being business minded as a young black woman in the music industry.

Interviewer kwame Amoah

Photography Oana Briciu

Thank you so much for joining us on new wave magazine Efya, we have been very excited to have you here, I know how busy you have been. However, first of all, I wanted to ask, how are you?

I am doing well, thank you for having me it’s such a pleasure, even though it’s been going crazy, you know we have been doing the work we have been needing to do with the promo and everything’ Even though I am still a bit paranoid about everything that is going on but we are staying positive. And you know just spread the message as much as possible.

It being the second single of the year, what has it been like from a creative perspective, when did you create this (song) because obviously, lockdown. It has been very restrictive, did you make it during the night or did you just make it randomly with Tiwa. 

Honestly we made it way before the virus, around December time when she was around doing some shows and we were all at the same studio, and all staying at the same place. So basically we were working at night and she just woke up and she heard the song we were doing, and I said this is our new song, she liked it, she liked the vibe we were creating and she hopped on it.

We are glad you are finally getting the recognition that you deserve. That attention that has been coming with that, what has it been like for you over these last few years?   


“It has been great the journey, as we say has not been easy but we are grateful to have an amazing team behind us. That propping us up, everywhere we go worldwide, and we have gained so much attention, as time has gone on and especially with this new song, many of the Nigerian people all over the world, who love Tiwa. Are also recognizing our sound and I think it is a beautiful thing, because the collaboration has definitely done a lot”