SPONSORED BY Reebok Europe

CREATIVE DIRECTORS Derrick Odafi & Jessica Rushforth
STYLIST Malcolm Yaeng
MUA Blessing Kambanga
HAIR STYLIST Blessing Kambanga
SET DESIGNER Charlotte Loon

GAFFER Lighting by Joe
PRODUCTION New Wave Studios


NW: We know film and music have been a big part of your life, have you been working on lots of different things recently?

RR: Yeah, I’ve been like developing stuff this year. There’s a short that I wrote, that we’re going in for funding at the moment. It’s biographical but in the most me way. It’s about space but also about being a child with mental illness. Working on ideas for TV shows and stuff. There’s been a lot of stuff that I’ve been working on. I’m a bit of a noodler, I like writing down as much as I possibly can…. I like to work on it in quite an unstructured way. I might think about something for a year and then write it out in a week.

NW: What does the term ‘noodling’ mean?

RR: It’s like a musical term. Kind of, I approach music in the same way. Like I wouldn’t spend more than a day in the actually songwriting but I will spend the whole day trying things out and then we might take a year to finish it! Just get it all down and then mess about with it for a year.

NW: What traits do you feel you want to convey in the characters you play on screen? Do you borrow any from Raleigh Ritchie?

RR: Hopefully, there’s truth in all the characters I play. I hope that I convey truth in something real and honest in everything that I do... There’s somewhere in between those characters that is me, people don’t want to admit it but you’re playing a version of yourself, you can’t help it. It goes into every character you play.

Raleigh Ritchie is like the depth of my brain, well not the entire depth. It’s the extent of my brain that I’m willing to explore and talk about. Raleigh Ritchie is more me than me, it’s the best way to put that. I’m not acting when I make music. It’s probably the most true and honest version of myself that I have access to.

Cardigan: Pronounce
Top: Michiko Kochino
Trousers: Stylist’s own
Shoes: Reebok

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Raleigh Ritchie Builds The Blueprint For His Own Independence.

You’ve all heard of stories like David against Goliath. The small-time lawyer against the insidious injustice of corporations. Booming business suffocating independent sparks. Audiences love cheering for the underdog and love a good drama, but the truth is, more and more creatives are taking the reigns of their own destiny and growing into giants in their own industry. One such intrepid hero is actor, artist, writer and director: Jacob Anderson, the alter-ego of Raleigh Ritchie. Or is it the other way round?


Over the last 10 years, both Raleigh Ritchie (the artist) and Jacob Anderson (the actor) have grown and developed as one into someone who clearly knows what he wants and how to deliver it. To divide the sum of his parts would be a farce, as each song he writes and character he plays adds a line of script to his living tapestry. Recently, New Wave Magazine had the pleasure of sitting down with Jacob and discuss what ‘independence’ might mean to him, fatherhood, finding meaning in everything and realising how far his own art can affect someone.


You may recognise him as the most trusted general of the Mother of Dragons, ‘Grey Worm’ from Game of Thrones or his appearances on the acclaimed ‘Episodes’ or Broadchurch. You might have heard his last album ‘Andy’, witnessed him perform his track ‘Squares’ on James Corden’s Late Late Show (a must-see) or you may come across him in the next chapter of the Dr Who saga. Safe to say Jacob Anderson has been a busy man during this dystopian time, most recently pr