AMA Reveals She's A Homebody With A 'PIXELHEART' [Exclusive Interview]

Creative Direction Derrick Odafi

Photography Timi Marcel

Photography Assistant Gillian Murray / B Joux Chima

Hair/Make Up Blessing Kambanga

Visual Director Azeez Bello

‘The Hour We On’ has an interesting concept, what inspired that?


With PIXELHEART, the new EP, I feel like it’s a continuation of the message from SCREENLUV. Hour We On is all about being in the moment and sometimes with our devices etc. we forget to be in the moment, even sometimes when you’re out, you just see people on their phones at events, I’ve been in the maddest place and seen someone with their EarPods in [laughs] – in the club or something like that. You’ve got to enjoy the moment and bond with the people that you’re around because besides that, what’s the point.


On that song, you speak on the idea of running out of time. What would you say to people within music or creatives in general that feel like they are running out of time?


You’re not. I feel like that all the time, I feel like I should be doing more. I don’t know, I feel like there’s not enough time, I feel like I’m slacking. There is a constant pressure that you need to be doing bits, I think the key to not being in that headspace is just to focus on yourself. Really keep your eyes on what you're doing and keep focused on you.


Basically, stay away from SCREENLUV.


[laughs]. Things will happen when they are supposed to, you can’t be in control of everything. Some things might happen instantly, and some things might happen slowly, but you just have to trust the process and put in the work.

What is an example of this in your life so far?

This Isn’t necessarily an example but when I first started making music at 15 and I found out how old the artists that I loved were, I would be like “damn”, not to say that they were old, they would be like 25/26 but I thought they were only a couple years older than me. It really takes time for people to get to the level that they are at, you only see what’s out there – you don’t see the struggle or the process.

The creative process takes time, speaking of - what is it like working with an established producer such as Jim E-Stack?

He’s a really cool guy, we had a cool session. We only had one session and The Hour We On is the only song we made, hopefully, we can work on some more stuff. I think being established and having credits to your name looks great, but it all comes down to talent, passion and where your heart is at. Producers I have worked with that might not have all the credits, we created some of the sickest songs. I think it’s all about where your heart is and how passionate you are about the work that you’re doing. That being said – Jim E-Stack is hard

How did the name for your latest project PIXELHEART come about?

It’s in reference to a Pixelated Heart, The effects of SCREENLUV. My heart just feels pixelated [laughs]. Just processing things sometimes, I feel like I’m a robot.

We love the song 'Signal' on the project, has there ever not had signal when you really need it?

[Laughs] All the time! Even when I was here earlier, I sent out a text and there was no signal, I was like oh my gosh. Underground between stations – when you’re making plans or trying to meet someone, it’s a bit of a mess. Signal is very much necessary.

It sure is. How important is that song to you?

That’s probably one of my favorite songs on the EP, just because the message for it really resonates. Obviously all of the messages resonate with me but that one, I feel like it’s very empowering – Not having to rely on say – Likes for your joy or guys/girls for your joy, being able to stand firm for who you are and elevate above all the bullshit.

The song creates a space of being in your own world,

Yes, because otherwise, some people are just going to ruin your energy. You have to keep your signal away [laughs]

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