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WeWorking Spotlights Important Creative Women Who Choose To Challenge

WeWorking's 2021 International Women’s Day campaign addresses and probes a necessary conversation on the stereotypes black women face in society, and often these same stereotypes are celebrated in white counterparts. Based of research conducted on social media, WeWorking found that 90% of black women who participated in the questionnaire admitted to feeling a victim of negative stereotypes in the workplace, media and/or society in general. “Overtly sexualised”, “Aggressive”, “Attitude” are some of the common stereotypes that were found in this research.

In light of this year’s International Women’s Day theme #ChooseToChallenge, WeWorking are choosing to challenge the stereotypes black women face by illustrating successful black women who have risen against the negative pre-conceived judgements they are associated with, through a series of artistic imagery that celebrate black culture and fashion (often associated with negativity in black women), whilst celebrating the highly talented and successful individuals. The aim of this campaign is to celebrate black women and the black culture they have built. WeWorking wants to show society that black women are ‘not their hair’ and wants to encourage black women to be comfortable in expressing themselves without the fear of being judged.

This campaign was predominantly produced by a team of women, 92% to be exact and 91% of those women are black. Their roles range stylists, graphic designer to the 1st assistant director and co-produced by Renaissance Studio, a black owned photography studio which is also ran by a woman. In a world where black voices particularly those of black women are often overlooked, it was important to WeWorking co-founder Cordell Johnson that this campaign was executed by a team of woman and young girls to ensure the problems black women face are brought to light from their own perspective.

Sponsors of the campaign include Asos, Karl Kani, K-Swiss and Schott.


Creative director/Director - Cordell Johnson

1st AD/Senior designer - Leona Lee

2nd AD - Cavai Johnson

Photographer - Tendai Chingandu

Producers - We Working, Renaissance Studio

Production Coordinator - Serene Barton-Campbell

Stylist - Nicole Rangeer

Stylist assistant - Kaia-marie MUA - Sedi Kukwikila MUA assistant - Phoebe Menges

Hair Stylists - Shanon Mitchell, Casey Styles

Retoucher - Andreea Stanciu Copywriter - Anaelle Amarasinghe

Talent - Stephanie Hulbert, Nina Rose, Rosey Lucci, Remi Burgz, Komali Scott-Jones, Beth Marshall, Cresta Rose

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