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Shaé Universe Brings Dazzling Visuals For ‘Levels’ Paying Homage To Our Favorite Female Icons

Words by Shorayi Mauluka

Photography by Karis Beau

After releasing her blissful yet empowering song ‘Levels’ written as a reminder to all about constantly elevating oneself, Shaé Universe has finally brought us all a visual representation of moving up in the world after having questioned her “ability to navigate through all the noise in the industry” following “some bitchy behaviour” that she had observed. From this, the visuals for ‘Levels’ were created as she states in an interview, she thought about how the greats had overcome the same issues.

Rewinding the years whilst using familiar faces as a way of communicating this theme. From Rihanna, to R&B Princess Aaliyah, Hip-Hop Queen Missy Elliot, Grace Jones, India Arie and more; the R&B singer channels these inspirations and their most notable looks as a tribute for helping her “embrace her authenticity in this music industry” – Shaé Universe. Teaser photos had been shared via Twitter and Instagram only days before releasing the video, gaining interest and hype across her extremely supportive fanbase.

Viewers are immediately met with a very fun and creative vibe early on in the music video which wastes no time in wowing us with a whole roster of important female icons. Reflective of the song these visuals are here to excite and evoke. In one way or another each of these women have paved the way for many artists we see today including the songstress herself. Though this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Shaé Universe utilising the art of channelling icons to bring us incredible story telling. Back in 2018 visuals were released for her single

“Black Panther” which she gained inspiration for after having watched the Marvel superhero film of the same name. This style of production boasts nothing but her love for creativity which is exuded throughout all of her work.

Interestingly enough, the concept of the video for ‘Levels’ started of as an impulsive thought; a creative direction led by Shaé Universe’s younger sister that culturally celebrated not only excellence but BLACK excellence which the artist is very passionate about. At a time where the black community has suffered the song and video both eloquently deliver a warm and heartfelt message and simultaneously educates us on the power of self-confidence. So, in case you need that empowerment reminder to let you know that you can always level

up this track and video will not disappoint and undoubtably requires adding to all of our untouchable/boss babe playlists. The songstress’ inspiring words that add to the understanding of the song are ones to never

forget as she expresses, ‘Levels’ is my way of setting the bar higher, because I always rise


Watch the impressive visual below:

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