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S.R. STUDIO. LA.CA Fourth Collection Sterling Ruby

Contemporary artist and fashion designer Sterling Ruby has released his fourth S.R. STUDIO. LA.CA collection this month, and it is certainly not one to miss. Within this adventurous collection, Ruby has meticulously explored the use of various materials and textures to bring his creative vision to life. The range features predominantly oversized garments, utilizing such fabrics as denim, mohair, merino wool and knitwear. Being a talented artist as well as designer, it is no surprise that Ruby undertakes a focused yet imaginative approach to his work. This is remarkably exhibited in the thorough methods used to create these pieces. For instance, the denim has gone through a systematic process involving washing, dyeing and bleaching. Ruby draws inspiration from the textile industry and uses this to formulate his craft, almost as if to expand the medium of collage to extreme measures. The collection presents an abundance of prints, including plaid/grid patterns and an interesting theme of paint splatters. The latter in particular makes for a visually stimulating piece, bursting with vibrant colour and energy. S.R. STUDIO. LA.CA also offers a refined range of knitwear fleeces, which are essential for this winter. Created with somewhat rustic shades of brown, yellow and green, the oversized button-up pullovers make a unique statement with a fusion of styles.



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