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Rihanna: The Real People’s Princess

Ah, Rihanna, is undoubtedly the modern-day Diana. This pop icon, fashion mogul, and business queen has been slaying the game since day one, never missing a beat. Whether building a beauty empire or dropping iconic power ballads, Rihanna is the epitome of a down-to-earth gal who’s simply won over the hearts of millions. Here’s why she's the real people’s princess:

She Causes a Stir, Without Even Stirring

For the last several years, Rihanna has been low-key living her best life (much to the public’s dismay.) Juggling her killer beauty line and being a mum to her two young sons, Rihanna has taken a hiatus from music to focus her attention on her family and her thriving brand, Fenty Beauty. Although we got a little tease of new Rihanna music in 2022, with her tribute to Chadwick Boseman for the blockbuster hit Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, there’s still very much a widespread concern over whether Rihanna will ever come back to music officially.

The media knows this hunger for new Rihanna content all too well, and some people are even resorting to some bizarre deepfakes just to keep the Rihanna bandwagon rolling. Indeed, ExpressVPN’s blog post highlights how some social media users use AI technology to create scarily realistic deepfakes of Rihanna pregnant with her third child. Of course, these images are causing some false headlines. No one knows Rihanna’s next move, even Rihanna probably doesn’t know her next move! But one thing is for sure, the media knows that we’re all desperate for new Rihanna content as she goes on with her low-key life, that they’re even resorting to the most ridiculous fake news stories just for a bit of click-bait. Come on, Rihanna, just appear in a film for five minutes and let us have something real!

Undeniable Talent

Rihanna’s music for every millennial is like the soundtrack to our lives. Whether you’re feeling empowered by ‘We Found Love’ or belting out ‘Umbrella’ on a British rainy day, Rihanna has a song for every day's vibe. Her deep and rich Mezzo-soprano tones could be recognised by almost anybody around the world. And it’s not just about the music - she’s also a business queen. With her brand, Fenty, she’s created a beauty line that caters to a diverse society, promoting inclusivity in the beauty industry. Rihanna doesn’t just sell makeup; she sells confidence and self-expression. Such a notion can also be further demonstrated in her fashion line, Savage X Fenty, which celebrates all body sizes. 

Down-To-Earth Barbados Babe

But what really makes her the ‘people’s princess’ is her down-to-earth personality and relatability. Despite having worldwide fame, Rihanna still somehow feels like the kind of person you could sit for hours and chat about life with. The singer and her partner were even seen to make an unexpected appearance at a barbershop in south London in 2022. Bystanders said ASAP (Rihanna’s partner) heard music coming from the local barbershop and swiftly headed in with Rihanna to join in on the fun. ASAP even got a haircut while he was in there. At this moment, the general public fell in love with ASAP and Rihanna as a couple, all over again. 

Bring Us More Music, Queen RiRi!

So, even though the media may desperately resort to AI tricks to keep the Rihanna hype alive, there is one thing for sure: Rihanna continues to captivate our hearts with her musical tones, realness, and gorgeous little humble life that we can’t get enough of. RiRi, if you’re out there, we’re here, ready for you whenever you choose to make the transition back to music (please and thanks).


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