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RESPONS Unveils His Thought Provoking EP ‘Virtually Everything Means Nothing’

RESPONS displays his unique style and delivery with gospel and hip hop influences spilling into his creativity. 

The EP includes previously released singles ‘Therapy’, ‘Hate Me and ‘Pray For Change’ as well as leading single ‘Scars’ which features a video filmed during isolation. From these singles alone he has been able to build some excitement in the lead up to his EP release. 

This body of work is honest and transparent, revealing RESPONS’ ability to tackle sensitive subjects but in a way that celebrates how far he has come in his own journey. He continues to push through challenges and wants to extend that hope to those who tune into his music. With a strong passion for mental health, each track is laced with elements of empowerment as he creates a space for listeners to be open with their own thoughts and feelings. 

Speaking on the project, he says: “I had this title saved in my notes on my iPhone for ages. I look at the world virtual in two ways, like in one way it is the virtual world/reality of social media and the internet, but on the other hand it just means "almost." The project opens up about mental health, so you can really read this as, "Virtually...everything means nothing," because everything on social media and all that is a load of bollocks. Or, you can look at it like "almost everything means nothing" when you hit that low place where almost everything is dark.” 

With a name that embodies his mantra ‘respond don’t react’ - this is an artist who has a lot to say through his rhymes and melodies. Tune into the full EP below and be sure to keep updated with some more of his projects to come @RESPONSmusic.

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