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RAMENGVRL Brings Competition In Indonesian Rap With 'CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH'

The South-East Asian rapper has released her album Can't Speak English via EMPIRE as she steps into the rap industry all the way from Indonesia. With her tongue-in-cheek style commentary throughout her album, it delves deeper into acceptance, intimacy and honesty. By drawing from her own life experiences, RAMENGVRL's artistic risks have pushed her into the spotlight from breaking through Asia's music scene and then using her platform to challenge conservatism and embracing a rebellious style to try and encourage other listeners in and around Indonesia to follow suit.

As RAMENGVRL shares her excitement about the release of Can't Speak English, it was created to share the true experiences of her life and journey. She wants to share the wins, losses, feelings and so much more.

As an artist in only the first chapter of her career, she believes that anyone will be able to relate to her experiences and should embrace their identity and where they're from. Whilst the title 'Can't Speak English' is a metaphor that is supposed to represent an inferiority complex that she has experienced all her life, RAMENGVRL's album addresses the main themes of identity and perseverance but also from an honest perspective that has formed her into the person she is today. As well as a unique and bold personality that shines through her music, she stands out from a conservative Indonesian society and has had to create a pathway for women in music but also Asian artists as a whole.

"Why do I keep selling myself short?" RAMENGVRL says. "Why can’t I switch to thinking something like, ‘Yeah, I do deserve to be here’?”. I wanna tell people that whatever your background is, or your shortcomings, or whatever, if you keep doing it, and keep honing it, you’ll eventually get somewhere. And when you do, you gotta f*cking own it.”

Stream Can't Speak English right here!

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