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Question Everything According To Designer Mihara Yasuhiro

Designer Mihara Yasuhiro says, "We still don't understand the meaning of fashion, but we're doing what we believe in. When we think rationally according to modern global thinking, we always result in a paradox. This is because it’s beyond the possible experience of the limits of one's own reason."

A question is posed by Mihara. It refers to the inconsistency that exists between the values (thesis and antithesis). The world in which we live today is fraught with discord and paradox. Questions that need to be addressed are still increasing. Yet we have come to realise that, as part of the rule of nature, we need to take it. I'm not going to target the peace. The beauty is there in this act. Beauty Discordant.

For this season, the restored style, a major characteristic of Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO, continues. The integrated style that looks like several vintage military blouson jackets overlapped in all directions is a masterpiece, taking influence from used clothing collected by Mihara. We will continue to create and present unique designs that have

been reconstructed, such as outerwear consisting only of sleeves, a military coat made by stringing MA-1 outer, a blouson or a shirt and oddness added to cut and sew items from shifting the pattern.

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