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Odunsi Creates A New World Where 'Everything You Heard Is True' [Stream Here]

Odunsi The Engine has been considered quite in terms of releasing music up until now although only a few weeks prior he released the single 'I Decided' featuring TEMS, an introspective yet groovy record with an infectious chorus. Although 'I Decided' was a great way to end his musical hiatus, dating back to 2019, that record does not make it to Odunsi's latest surprise EP titled 'Everything You Heard Is True'. Odunsi's previous body of work 'Rare', released in late 2018, is an enchanting project that has aged gracefully and is a difficult act to follow. Rare, reached the #1 the official Apple Music charts in Nigeria, was a project heavily influenced by the excesses of Disco, the contours of Soul, and the guilty pleasures of 80s RnB. However, Odunsi as a producer and artist is not one to be pigeonholed into a specific sound.

For his latest musical collection, Odunsi shifts gears and brings something up-tempo and energetic to his listeners. 'EYHIT' takes influence from the worlds of Rap and Rock music, sparked by his time spent living in London, and life experiences between his last output, rare. Everything... is a treatise written and produced by the castaway kid looking to break free from a critically adored past. Odunsi has already tested the waters with a few of these songs by performing them at shows and festivals well before release. We have also seen and heard his DJs Vivendii Sound give fans a sneak peek of a few records on various platforms. The most notable song out of all the snippets is 'Wicked, Sexy!' featuring budding star Maison 2500. The song has seemingly taken on a life of its own. Odunsi perfectly describes the mood of this project by saying:

"Life is an ever-changing experience. You can't get too comfortable in any position. Sometimes you are shifted towards positions to learn things. You can't care too much about what people think and say to you."

'EYHIT' is a carefree world by Odunsi, broken down into 7 continents of youthful exuberance and new-age sounds. The 23-year-old, Nigeria-born artist proceeds to decorate these self-contained worlds with his offbeat personality and strong penmanship. 'EYHIT' features other talents within the Alte Movement, where Odusi has been recognised as one of the leading figures. Aside from Maison 2500, who also features on PDA!, The project features Amaarae, Deto Black and Gigi Atlantis on 'Body Count'. Odunsi continues to push forward sound and creates an exciting project that will keep listeners on a high during such unprecedented times.

Stand Out Tracks:

luv in a moshpit

airplane mode


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