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Newcomer Joey XL Shares His Newest Single Entitled “Hold On”

Finishing close to four minutes, the track provides a slow ethereal groove that compliments Joey’s melancholic vocal delivery. With production by Trigga & FWDSLXSH and additional vocals by JVCK JAMES. The track starts off with synth chords, the light spatter of fluttering guitar plucks; silky vocal harmonies and muffled drums that form a constant syncopated rhythm throughout. The track is laced with some expressive lyrics, for example “If this is life then close your eyes then let’s rewind, to better times cos it feels like a living lie” or “the more we try to stay alive, the time goes by, it’s do or die” but ultimately it’s his cloudy delivery that transforms each word of the song into a dreamlike sonic.

Following release of his teaser project Situations and single Made Time earlier this year, Joey continues to wow us with relentless work rate and his exceptional musical abilities.

Joey describes the song, saying, “This song really means a lot to me, it’s something that can be taken from 2 different views and it was really important to me that this is clear throughout the song. There’s the more shallow view of it being about a relationship, about holding on to something that maybe we’re both unsure about but nonetheless, it’s deep and it’s emotional and it’s worth fighting for. But it can also be viewed on a more intimate level relating to our current times. Everyone is uncertain about life right now, we’re surrounded by uncertainty, it’s something we can’t control. But we’re holding on, no matter what we’re going to hold on. It’s timeless and it’s intimate and it’s raw and it’s very very open.”

Listen to Hold On below and on all streaming platforms.

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