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Nápoles' Shares Smooth New Track “Circulate”

Stockholm-based Nápoles has returned with a brand new song titled “Circulate”, her latest musical offering since her February single, “Slowzy”.

Continuing to hone in on her captivating vocals, offering up a lush composition characterised of nocturnal piano notes, laid down by Chapee and Wihib Sulaiman. Nápoles unloads lyrics pertaining to  her life and uncertainties of her love interest, which are cleverly underpinned by celestial idioms. She utters, “maybe I’m carried away, maybe I’m right in your space, you got me in limbo, your gravity keeps me in place, these constellations look strange,”

Production-wise, the two producers have provide a velvety smooth backdrop for Nápoles to glide over, one filled with victorious trumpet wails and a charming  use of percussion.

In addition to the mesmerising track, Nápoles has graced us with an accompanying visual. Curated by video director Gustav Andersson, and cinematographer Daniel Edin. The vibrant video, encapsulates a lively night out on the town in Stockholm, with the artist and her friend.

Speaking on ‘Circulate’, “the inspiration comes from my everyday life. I wrote ‘Circulate’ at a time when I was thinking about the universe, space and how everything is connected. At night, I would watch ‘Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey’ and read books of that nature, and during the day at work, I would daydream a lot about these themes. I was also figuring myself out as an artist, and the exploration of my sound, combined with all these thoughts, led to the making of ‘Circulate’. I want my music to be fun, smooth and energetic at the same time, and I think that comes across on this song”.

Listen to Circulate above and on all streaming platforms

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