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Meet Yante, The New Brand Bringing Sleek Sophistication to British Womenswear

Black British women are on a roll. From Wales Bonner and Bianca Saunders taking on the menswear fashion world, to Farai London and WMNSWEAR doing it for the ladies, it’s clear they’re leading the charge. Looking to join the pack is new high end brand Yante; founded by Kenya Jahnay Butler in 2018, the West London based brand Yante plans to make its official debut this summer with a sleek and sophisticated collection.

Tapping into the current y2k revival, the brand channels mid-90s to early 00’s aesthetics, through their minimalist vibe. These vintage themes are reinvented as they mesh with modern takes on women’s fashion, reinterpreting two different eras of women’s style.

The diversity and uniqueness of women is represented in the designs, details and brand decisions; a range of different essentials feature in their collections, ensuring that the needs of every women is met. It’s no surprise that ‘the empowered women’ is a key facet of the brand - founder Kenya leads by example, as her multidisciplinary background aided in her singularly shooting, editing and styling the campaign.

But at the brands core is standing out and stylistic freedom. It’s elevated take on basics ensure that buyers can find that signature piece, that makes the wearer look and feel like a runway model every time it adorns their body, and style it to their personal taste making it accessible to everyone.

Check out Yante’s Instagram to keep up to date with this new, and exciting brand.


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