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Manchester Based Label Clints Is Making Waves In The Sneaker World

Photo: Jebi Ndimuntoh

Clints Inc. is a Manchester-based footwear brand founded by Junior Clint. Originally starting out by selling 1 of 1 clothing, the self-taught designer and university student transitioned into creating original trainers and launched Clints soon after. Within no time, his shoe line was attracting fans and customers from all across the country.

Clints’ debut drop was in May 2020 and featured their ‘TRL Footprints’ trainers – which sold out within just one hour. Inspired by the practicality of hiking shoes, their footwear provides functionality to wearers by creating trainers that are comfortable, convenient, and durable for outdoor wear.

In making quality footwear that prioritises utility, Clints does not compromise on style – in fact, their aesthetic is reminiscent of the classic thick sole trends of the 90s that have full-circled their way back into fashion. Despite being a part of this revived trend, TRL Footprints still maintain their originality – by introducing a new take on trekking shoes that both make a statement and can be worn in a multitude of ways.

TRL Footprints come in a range of colourways, all of which effortlessly combine materials such as carbon textures with suede detailing. Each TRL Footprint is topped off with rope laces, along with their trademark alphabet ‘CLINTS’ pattern outsole.

A year later, the Clints brand has gradually evolved to include a range of apparel and accessories. Alongside footwear, the label offers accessories – including keychains (shaped to resemble the outsole of TRL Footprints), stickers, socks, and ‘half-tone' beanies. Clints also sells graphic t-shirts and tracksuits, their April drop including the ‘Phat Sweatpants’, ‘Raglan Sweats’ and a Clints ‘Alphabet Tee’.

Clints’ April drop also included “The Sting” TRL Footprints in yellow, inspired by the symbol of the Manchester worker bee. In their most recent drop, the label released vests and all-black ‘Vantablack’ TRLs to celebrate the first anniversary of the footwear.

Photo: Timon Benson

Photo: Jake Millers

Clints is also keen to bring positive change to the fashion industry. Last year, Junior Clint launched the ‘Inspire Change Initiative’, with aims to bring in budding footwear designers from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic communities.

When I was starting up, one of the biggest challenges for me was identifying Black independent footwear designers that I could look to for inspiration” Clint’s Instagram post reads. “So I’m starting the ‘Inspire Change Initiative’ as an attempt to bring-in my brothers and sisters in the field I work in and provide resources to create their own shoe design from scratch.”

Acknowledging the underrepresentation of BAME designers, the Inspire Change Initiative provides winners with the opportunity to design and develop a shoe from scratch, assisting with producing samples and bringing the shoe to the market.

Check out the Clints website and follow Clints on Instagram for news on upcoming drops.


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