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Mahalia And Rico Nasty Come Together For New Song 'Jealous'

Leicester's very own R&B vocalist Mahalia has enlisted DMV's Punk Princess Rico Nasty cause chaos for an old flame in the music video for their newest collaborative song 'Jealous'.

Mahalia has set an authorative tone on 'Jealous' with her braggadocious and self-assertive lyrics complemented alongside Rico Nasty's soft toned voice and fiery and unapologetic character. The song also features additional vocals provided by Miraa May which layers smoothly with Mahalia's soothing vocals.

Produced by Cadenza, Daniel Cartisano and Harry Edwards, the song interpolates 2000's song 'Get Your Roll On' by Hip Hop duo Big Tymers as Mahalia and Rico Nasty juxtapose their illusive sweet sounding melodies with the brash lyrics of the track.

The song's Music Director Melody Maker uses the song's theme to recall 1998 film 'Belly' and shows the two creating some sort of chaos in a man's house by interfering with the home appliances. Additionally, the prevailing artists are seen kitted out in similar all black TLC/Aaliyah-esque outfits.

The moody visuals perfectly reflect the song's 'what goes around comes on' attitude as the prevailing artists are kitted out in matching. Watch the music video below!

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