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LA Based Creative LATASHÁ Shares Her Newest Single 'GoGo Wyne'

Rising from sun-filled LA with slick new rhymes is multi-faceted artist and rapper LATASHÁ. Growing up in New York, the home to many rap legends, she injected her musical influences into her own sound, making her a unique and domineering presence in the music industry. While navigating themes like self-exploration, divine femininity and black joy she simultaneously honours her multi-lingual roots and identity. Her latest offering Gogo Wyne serves as an affirmation of fearless empowerment to herself and other black women. With a pulsing kick drum and syncopated snares she raps about going after what you want while unapologetically owning the space that you take up, backed by swift club rhythms and exuding good vibrations. 

Speaking on the track she says: “Being in these times, it’s been so challenging to create as a Black artist in America. So much has been taken away from Black artists, and I’m tired of it. I needed the visual to say something deeper even with the limitations of the pandemic. Inspired by old school dancehall records I grew up on, ‘GoGo Wyne is not just my affirmation song but it’s the manifestation of my people’s success,despite what others might think of our worth. It’s a reminder of our magic even when they try to kill us. So,I created GoGo Wyne as an anthem for Black women, so we can be in all of our joy, collecting all of our checks. No more games. It’s time.”

Stream GoGo Wyne below and on all streaming platforms.

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