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Jewellery Brand Vitaly: Striking Pieces Of Architectural Craftsmanship

Travelling across the seas, we bring you an inspiring innovation of the most striking pieces of architectural craftsmanship created by Toronto-based jewellery brand Vitaly. In 2011, the Vitaly brand started its journey as an established studio of jewellery design. At the same time, the brand has grown to a great extent.

Jewellery accessory architects in the making, Shane Vitaly Foran and business partner Jason Readman brought the brand to life. Inspired by Foran’s previous trip to Bali, Indonesia, he saw a vision of creating hand-crafted jewellery suitable for everyone. They started small by producing a few designs after Foran became influenced by the local craftsman from the town Ubud. They received overwhelming recognition on social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Eventually, Foran’s idea became the vision of something incredible.

After that, the wheels were set in motion for the duo. They brought this idea together and expanded on their foundation as a brand, creating distinctive genderless pieces which have come together by various worldwide cultural influences. From the beginning, design has been a crucial factor for the brand Vitaly. Their intentions focus majorly on the future of creating fashion-forward pieces that is suitable and eye-catching for anyone to wear.

Over the years, the brand has brought a considerable amount of attention to itself, attracting celebrity attention such as Kehlani, Miley Cyrus and Princess Nokia. Exciting collaborations with other interesting Toronto brands and publications such as Grey93 and Bully Magazine which has helped develop Vitaly brand's credibility.

At present, what the brand displays is the excitement of more unique and awe-inspiring creative pieces heading our way as we take each day as it comes this year of cultural change.

Supporting the environment and doing their part to encourage the importance of recycling, the brand stands by their mission to ensure they use the right materials to produce their creations. In the early stages, the brand Vitaly sourced mixed materials such as wood and ceramic. However, they eventually explored and drawn their attention to designing with other suitable jewellery materials.

The duo decided to use stainless steel as it is strong, durable and the most preferred metal. It is environmentally beneficial for recycling and can resist wear and tear.

Using this material, the brand can offer out their creations with a long-lasting life that spans three decades showing stability after many years of service but still radiates a unique sense of newness to the product.

When the brand uses stainless steel for its products, at least 86% of the material is reused. It shows a depiction in the innovative design process, showing the hard-work, determination and resilience that the brand portrays throughout its signature identity. What makes this a cracking great label is the authentic and ability of uniqueness to give back to its surroundings.

Almost, any remains left unused has resorted to better use in creating Vitaly products which has derived from a spare car part, skyscraper or bridges. It makes the Vitaly product an exceptional piece of accessory to sport for every season to come. With that in mind, their latest work was their Fall/Winter 2020 editorial which was shot by talented Iranian-Canadian photographer Pegah Farahmaud-Mobarekeh as he makes his mark to explore and capture behind the camera what this incredible brand has to offer going forward.

Check out below more from the brand Vitaly.

Watch Vitaly's Fall 2020 Editorial Shoot here:

Words from Charlene Foreman

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