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JÁNA Releases Stunning New Single 'Green'

Stockholm singer/musician JÁNA has released her delectable new single ‘Green’ featuring Nigerian-American duo VanJess.

The single comes after JÁNA’s debut EP Flowerworks, where she worked with Little Dragon, the Swedish electronic music band who have also worked along the likes of KAYTRANADA, for stunning tracks such as ‘Wild Roses’ and ‘Buds’. She fuses jazz tones and minimal beats within her craft to form a luscious R&B alternative sound that’s easy on the ear.

Speaking on the new track, JÁNA has said “Green is very straightforward to me. It’s reflecting on jealousy within a relationship. I’ve been giving jealousy a lot of thought - how we are so willing to give a person everything, except the romantic love of someone else - and how that feeling can eat you up. Like showing love in the form of jealousy.” she says.

”This song is really just saying why can’t we just enjoy things how they are, and leave our egos aside. The song name and idea is a little bit inspired by Green Eyes by Erykah Badu. I wrote Green with a friend over the summer in 2018 and it's been a firm favourite of mine ever since."

Green’, a song about jealousy that oozes with synths and electronic sounding pulses, connects both JÁNA and VanJess in this stunningly beautiful single and vocal marriage. It emphasises tones of disappointment alongside vulnerability. Her collaboration with VanJess truly shows a deep and artistic measure of intimacy that is very prominent within JÁNA’s song writing style.

With thanks to social media, the two three artists came together through a direct message on social media. When speaking on the collaboration, VanJess said “It’s so dope to connect with a great artist like JÁNA through Instagram. If it wasn’t for that DM we wouldn’t have been able to hear such an amazing record. So glad to be a part of her art.”

Hear JÁNA’s delectable new single right here!

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