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Introducing The Ascending Trinibagonian Artist: Kalpee

Meet the young musician, Kalpee, generating a vibrant and captivating sound that encompasses what he likes to refer to as 'Chilled Calypso'; “Chilled Calypso is music that you could easily head bop too, but still make you feel to take a drive down North Coast Road (In Trinidad) on an evening at sunset time”, Kalpee explains. Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, Kalpee has formed a sound that engulfs the traditional Caribbean vibrations in with contemporary RnB tones, Pop and Reggae rhythms that's intertwined with Rock guitar riffs - what's there not to love?!

From the youthful age of six years-old, Kalpee first stumbled across his passion and love for music when he would partake in traditional calypso competitions. Written by his father, the growing star would go off and perform at national music festivals alongside his school, where it came to no surprise that his talent as a soloist naturally flourished and took centre stage. Journeying forward to when he turned fourteen, Kalpee assembled a cover band named, 'The Entourage', which he stayed for the following ten years, whilst perfecting his craft not only as a live musician but his music in general. Having graduated University with a degree in Marine Biology, Kalpee took the courageous leap of staying true to himself and launched his music career with his debut single, 'No One', back in 2017 that racked up over 7 million views on YouTube alone. Turning the heads of many worldwide, it was with this single that he caught the eyes of Sony Music, and from there on out, it was nothing but an uphill climb for the Trinibagonian native. With a string of successful singles behind him, Kalpee shared his debut EP titled, 'HOME' earlier this year. Inspired by his Trinidad and Tobago roots, this four-track body of work saw him explore appreciation, reflection and hope for change and featured Jimmy October. A creative in his own right, Kalpee writes, produces and edits all of his work from the videos to the artwork - only solidifying his indisputable talent. Determined to create music that makes you feel good with a positive message, Kalpee also gives motivational talks to schools, in which he touches on the importance of diversity, equality and acceptance as well as staying focused and following through with your ambitions and goals. Posing as a true and authentic role model for many, the work Kalpee puts into his craft as well as other's is truly inspiring to the masses.

More recently, the rising start dropped off his latest body of work titled, the 'Feel Good Playlist, Vol.1'; consisting of five tracks and features from Stefflon Don on stand-out track 'Gimme De Ting' as well as Freetown Collective, this project embodies everything Kalpee stands for. Infused with a vibrant and feel-good energy, this EP is yet another outstanding project to add to his ever-growing catalog. Speaking on the EP, Kalpee commented; “’Feel Good Playlist, Vol.1’ is intended to do just what it says in the title "make people feel good”. It's what, I like to call “Chilled Calypso” which is music that you could easily head bop too, but still make you feel to take a drive down North Coast Road in Trinidad on an evening at sunset time. It was created with the help of some amazing producers, writers and other artist too, and collectively combines my musical heritage of Calypso and Soca with the music that has inspired me growing up, including rock, pop and reggae. I am grateful for all those involved especially The Anmls, Tano, Carla Marie Williams, Santiago Rodriguez, Stefflon Don and my fellow Trini’s Freetown Collective. I'm excited to share it.” Listen to the 'Feel Good Playlist, Vol.1' below.

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