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Gravis Shows: Smokepurpp x IAMNext

Smokepurpp arrives at the last stop of his Europe tour, presented by London Events/Music platform IAMNext, founded by Seshie AKA MrIAMNext

Even at the opening of the doors to the show, the crowd was constantly growing, the first DJ took care of the first set of people in the crowd and played some big hits from 69, blueface, trippie drake etc were getting the crowd ready for the opening acts.

Lyrical Lemonade DJ Jake Wilson (@gloupjake) then took over to turned up the crowd even more. The first act Jack Bruno came on and was entertaining, not the best energy but he kept the crowd moving to an extent.

Shortly after, Yung Dred and Richie Wess came on and they lit up the crowd, both had great energy, they had a song with lil Baby so that incited the crowed even more, (blue strips ft lil baby), firing up the crowd for Purpp.

Seshie MRIAMNEXT came on stage and took the crowds energy to another level. He took control of the stage, ready to bring out Purpp for his live performance. He even threw in his signature 'gunlean' dance and energy was building up even more. Never seen that before on any concerts.

DJ Don Krez on the decks was had the most energy, he performed at a very high level, playing crowd moving songs and jumping around the stage, which in turn was getting even more energetic, the atmosphere was building up as everyone awaited for Purpp's entry. DJ Don Krez would tease the audience by screaming - "are you ready for Smokepurpp?" multiple times and crowd would scream "Smokepurpp" in between the songs. at this point the crowd was prime for what was about to come.

As smoke came in with 123 songs the energy went though the roof, eveyone was screaming and jumping for the first minute or so. He would organise moshpits every other song, unfortunatly causing someone to sustain an injury. but the crowd was wild for Purpp. After playing most of his songs, he would play a lot of songs that were not his, showing love to other artists. He performed a lot of Xxxtentactions song to show respect for the deceased artist which was incredible, maintaining the moshpit energy through out. Two sides were competing and he would choose leaders of the pit and say like "you are the leader make sure no one is in the middle" for songs like audi as its one of his biggest hits.

They had this moment where we warned us, photographer, to move out from the middle because he was throwing water. He would make crowd crouch down down before the beat dropped and only stand up as it drops, for the song "bless your trap", definitely something new and got everyone hyped.

Suddenly, someone managed to push through the crowd and got to the front barrier and Purpp noticed and got him on stage. This individual would end up jumping back into the crowd from the stage.

For one of the songs he spoke into the mic saying "I need more water" and threw it out to the crowd saying, "you can't drink it, and once the beat dropped whoever had the bottle would should throw it!", an interesting way to get the crowd involved

By the end people would climbing on each others shoulders and vibe, especially for the X's songs, the crowd would cross their arms in the symbol of X, which was incredible. a lot of respect for purpp for showing love to him.

Smokepurpp finished with song sauce like this and said "London I motherfucking love you guys" and exited.

The IAMNext x Smokepurpp is the best concert I ever attended personally, the amount of energy with no one performing was insane. All credit to IAMNext, It was an insane experience all the way from 7-11pm.

Seshie iamnext announced the next concert comethazine on 14th of April at the end. nFollow the platform here for more shows like this here

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