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Get the Latest With Jéan in the Second Drop of its “Stratosphere” Collection

For those of us who are frequent users of Instagram, the Australian-based brand With Jéan has probably made an appearance or two on both your feed and explore page. While its cult-favourite pieces, such as the much-loved Andy dress often fly off the site if you don’t act fast, luckily for us, With Jéan have started the New Year off right with a brand-new instalment of its Stratosphere collection.

The vintage-inspired brand was founded by two friends, Sami and Evangeline in 2017, aiming to create and celebrate individual pieces rather than seasonal collections, ensuring each design remains a timeless facet of every fashion enthusiast's wardrobe. Through the combination of both vintage silhouettes and attentive design put into each garment, With Jéan manages to transcend the boundaries of seasonal trends, with its designs never appearing to go out of style. In line with this, not only do the founders of With Jéan attempt to move away from seasonal cycles of collection-focussed releases, but the brand is also built upon conscious design practices, placing ethics as a top priority in its methods of production.

The collection features some of the brand’s first-ever swimwear pieces, alongside classic bestsellers, that are guaranteed to go down a treat. While it may be sunshine and rainbows down in Australia, many With Jéan fans may be a long way from Australia’s scorching sun. However, with a collection this good, secure your favourites today and get prepared for the sunnier seasons to come. The collection includes delicate floral print bikinis, with a range of lightweight cover-up skirts to tie together the complete look. The designs encompass the budding beauty and vibrancy that spring promises upon its arrival, by utilising tones of soft pinks, greens, oranges and yellows. Whether you’re ready to make the most of a brand-new bikini, or you’re still waiting on the right moment to slip on your new arrival, the swimwear within the Stratosphere collection speaks for the timeless essence of With Jéan as a brand, promising to wait for your summer debut.

If you can’t quite wait to show off your next With Jéan purchase, the Stratosphere collection welcomes back some of the brand’s most-loved designs such as the Andy and Alexa dresses. Following the cult-favourite Andy dress in Forest green, the brand has subsequently released stand-out shades of the dream dress design. If you were a fan of Forest, Maple and Violetta Andy Dress, the latest addition to the crew, in Latte, will be a must-have. With Jéan satisfy all sand beige hue desires by introducing a subdued tone, and adding a neutral shade to the mix. As browns and naturals continue to stay on top of trends this season, the Latte Andy dress is the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Similar to the Andy dress, Alexa provides the same ruched waist, mini length and button-through front. If you’re a fan of this alternative to With Jéan’s best selling design, the latest Buttercream tone is the neutral piece you need to style this season. While the Andy dress is long-sleeved, the Alexa dress has shorter-length sleeves, perfect for layering in the winter or basking in the summertime sun.

If you love With Jéan for their signature use of colour, the collection is complete with top and bottom skirt sets, ideal for styling both up and down in a lively Electra tone. Yet, for those who want to add a few staple pieces into their collection, you often can’t go wrong with black. With Jéan style their Tulip halter-neck top with newspaper trousers in the lookbook to spice up the fit with an eye-catching print. While the black Roxy dress features a daring v cut neckline and cut-out waist, ensuring your little black dress is just that little bit more exciting this season.

Explore the Stratosphere collection today and ensure you don’t miss out on the latest With Jéan.

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