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Future First by LAMBB

This short film is an artistic interpretation of a black girls response to cornrows being renamed as ‘boxer braids’. The film encourages black girls to reclaim their time, as society often tries to steal from us then decline us. It shows how our hair is deeper than just hair- it is a common thread that unites women across the world and is deep rooted in our culture.

 The film is being released by LAMBB, a collective of creative individuals who have come together to redefine the images of people of colour in media. They are a group of boys and girls, across cultures that seek to uncover the politics behind the beauty. The film projects they work on tackle conversational issues, and the aim of all our projects is to push the culture forward. They are passionate about making an impact with our work, and creating memorable content. The topic of cultural appropriation has been spoken about a lot over the past year, and it is time to address the issue. 

We exist in a unique time - we are witnessing a slow shift away from a patriarchal society which structure has been upheld for so long. We are moving towards a time where individuals would be able to stand unapologetically in their truth.  

Future First is a short film produced, written and directed by Naomi Grant. DoP, Assistant Director and Editor is Azeez Abello

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