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Elli Ingram Stuns Us With Her ‘Bad Behaviour’ In Latest Visuals.

The South Coast songstress makes a come back after a three year hiatus, debuting her first single of the year: ‘Bad Behaviour’. In addition, to lively new visuals.

The release ignites a revival for the artist, as she departs from former label Island Records - which saw the release of her critically acclaimed album ‘Love you really’ released in 2017, marking a pivotal chapter for one of the UK’s most authentic and distinctive voices.

We first saw Elli grace the scene, during a mesmerising rendition of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Poetic Justice’ in 2013, that has since accumulated over a million views.

Produced by Charlie Huggal, who has a diverse discography behind him. This striking composition infuses the sounds of Jazz and Uk Soul with slight R&B influences, a sure nod to her love for these genres.

Carried by robust and powerful horns on the instrumental. Elli sprinkles the track with her sugary, infectious vocals and naturally vivacious spirit to finish off this exhilaratingly up-beat number.

Speaking on the track and visuals; Elli shares,

“Bad Behaviour isn’t about causing a scene, it’s about saying yes to having a good time. But if that does cause a scene, then I’m more than happy for people to watch, and join in!”

The visuals shot in Brighton, captured a montage of Elli and friends getting ready and hitting the strip for a vibrant night out in her hometown. A fitting concept, as this song is definitely one that should be played whilst getting ready, during pre-drinks and or in the taxi on route to the club.

Despite her break from the scene, Elli has been busy working on new music to prepare for an exciting year - so stay tuned!

Listen here

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