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Deema Serves Up Playful Visuals To His Track HASH BROWN

Ever had your chip halfway up in the air because someone’s caught your eye and you’ve forgotten to eat? Mouth open wide thinking about a hash brown? Got smiles enough to get a number dropped on a greasy spoon tissue? We see a similar scenario play out in South London rapper Deema’s video for one of his latest singles ‘HASH BROWN’ featuring David Armada.

Deema originally raised his profile with Elf Kid, of Lewisham grime collective The Square, and his versatility is strong. In his recent release ‘RAT RACE’, he writes with relatable urgency about getting out of stairways through the rat race into the beyond, he has a certain self-awareness in his lyricism– ‘one too many roaches in my ashtray’. With HASH BROWN, we get a tone shift into the big banger off his forthcoming debut CHEW YOUR FOOD.

The Greedy Goons directed video is innuendo-lush with its food play and giant hash brown spliffs, taking Deema’s song for the girls to a surreal sweet spot. Deema’s flow is tight, particularly in is at the beginning of the track when he says, ‘little bit of liquor in my cup now / quicker with the buns now’. Everything’s moving fasss. Though I'm not a fan of the refrain, while I like the voice morph, I balk at the words. Past this, you can feel the energy off Deema and David Armada, vibing with each other while checking for a beauty who’s just walked into the cafe (if you look close you’ll catch the director making his cameo as a waiter). Humorously contradictory, going from David Armada’s tongue in cheek ‘made her bestie bow down / like Shaggy in the shower, it wasn’t me’ to Deema’s ‘you know I ain’t sexist / if p*ssy wasn’t power n*gga, none us would exist’.

All in all, the mood’s been set for an expansive and quirky debut EP from Deema. CHEW YOUR FOOD is out on July 3rd on Different Recordings, alt hip-hop with a grime boost from sole producer Dom Valentino. Beats to clear some fog and bars to match. Pre-order here.

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