• Levi Wilson

Conway And Method Man's 'Lemon' Video Proves Hip-Hop Is Still Alive

In the last few years Griselda have been gathering huge amounts of respect within the hip-hop scene, bridging the gap between old fans and new fans with unapologetic street talk over gritty instrumentals. Their braggadocio and unforgiving nature of their music often has people likening Griselda to a modern day Wu Tang, with a deep roster full of rappers and producers on both sides. We see two of the respective groups finest, Conway The Machine and Method Man, collide for a raw, intergenerational collaboration on the Daringer produced 'Lemon' from Conway's new album 'King To A God'.

This track sees Conway deliver his signature street tales about Buffalo with his effortless flow switches, unmatched delivery and clever references which place him on a plateau when it comes to lyricism far above the average rapper. The instrumental from Daringer is dark, raw and full, with some of the best sampling I've heard in a while. The eerie pianos, the deep electric guitar and droning pad in the background is probably the most perfect backdrop for this collaboration, showing why Daringer is often Griselda's unsung hero. Conway paints pictures with words and the pictures he paints in this track are shown perfectly with the music video - filmed in the hood Conway grew up in with shots filmed inside and outside a liquor store, shots with men in ski-masks and the seeming yellow theme goes well with the title 'Lemon'. There is a short cameo in the video to introduce Method Man's verse from legend NORE/Noreaga, who is referenced in Method Man's opening bars. Method Man delivers a verse which shows so evidently why he's had the incredible longevity he's had - full of punchlines and impeccable flow patterns over 25 years after he first burst onto the scene.

Catch the video here:

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