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Dancehall artiste Boy Boy crosses fields with BackRoad Gee on ‘BOUNCE’

Dancehall newcomer Boy Boy joins forces with dynamic UK rapper BackRoad Gee to unleash a potential contender for this year's summer track.

Transporting us into the captivating realm of Boy Boy's vocal prowess, the Trinidad and Tobago native rapidly ascended to online stardom last year with commanding attention with singles "Adrenaline" and "Die Die". This year, the artist has fearlessly ventured into uncharted territory, embarking on a new journey alongside BackRoad Gee, whose instantly recognised for his lyrical finesse.

'Bounce' is a vibrant synergy of dancehall vibes and UK rap ingenuity. With Boy Boy's infectious melodies merging seamlessly with BackRoad Gee's magnetic presence. The track produced by Joffstar (Pa Salieu, Stefflon Don, Belly Squad) immerses us in the realm of dancehall, seamlessly blending the vibrant Caribbean sounds with the captivating tones of UK rap, courtesy of East London's very own BackRoad Gee.

Adding to the track's vibrancy is the accompanying music video, directed by Jay Papworth. In the video, both artists are joined by an array of dancers who creatively embody the essence of London's nightlife. The video's diversity and the harmonious combination of Dancehall, UK Rap, Reggae, and Afro-swing melodies result in a colorful amalgamation of diasporic sounds that will appeal to all music enthusiasts.

Watch here