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Bianca Rose Confronts Her ‘Monsters’ in Her Stirring New Single

The London based artist has also released a video to accompany the hearflet offering.

With masked characters and contemporary dance movements Bianca Rose shows herself acknowledging the presence of the monsters she battles with. The creation of ‘Monsters’ was stirred by the Black Lives Matter protests and the racially driven conflicts that have unfolded over the past year. It’s the expression of her emotions around these issues and the effect it’s had on her mental health. With a soulful and warm vocal delivery, she articulates her thoughts in a way that is transparent and relatable for many listeners. Despite the weight of the subject matter Bianca still provides a sweet and comforting listening experience through her silky tone.

“When I wrote ‘Monsters’ the world looked really different,” Bianca recalls. “I wrote the hook literally to release my emotions after hearing and again seeing a racist murder on social media - Ahmaud Arbery. I remember thinking ‘WHY ISN’T EVERYONE SICK TO THEIR STOMACHS AND OUTRAGED BY THIS?!’ I just felt so sick and tired. It felt like there were monsters that only black and brown people could clearly see and have to contend with.

She continues: “As I continued writing and processing, I came to the place that there are monsters everywhere. Hidden in plain sight. Injustices, insecurities, constant woundings that are largely unseen by others. Sometimes the mask slips and we get to see what others are battling, my question then is, what are we going to do, with what we’ve seen?”

Bianca is an independent artist who, after completing a self-funded tour, co-founded the ‘I Am Independent’ organisation. It’s aims are to resource and support independent artists and connect them with other artists and members of the industry for advice and insight to fuel their career. With this already under her belt, she is also praised for her credits in the songwriters collective ‘Ready Riters’ and with her collaboration with Jake Isaac, who she is set to go on tour with. This is Bianca’s first single of the year, marking a new and abundant chapter in her career.

Watch the 'Monsters' music video below:

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