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AYLØ's New Project 'DNT' DLT' Will Pique Your Interest

The Alte Movement is spurring a new sound in the African diaspora and seems to be a breeding ground for talented artists with great potential. AYLØ is a Nigerian based artist bringing seductive and soothing sounds and melodies to his listeners. After his 2017 project 'Insert Project Name', also consisting on 10 songs, he is back to show his artistic development and sonic maturity on his new project 'DNT'DLT' featuring fellow rising musicians such as Fasina, PscyhoYP, Myquale, Mojo, Sugabana

From the smooth piano-driven opening track ‘I Listen To You’ about polygamy, and his flawless ode to femininity and womanhood on ‘Sassy’, to the drums-heavy experimental ‘Xozhu’, and the political ‘City On Lights’, to the poignant life-affirming mixtape closer ‘Alive & Breathing’, AYLØ has created a timeless and expansive body of work with DNT’ DLT, which makes for a gripping and captivating listen from start to finish, but is also sure to settle as one of the best projects of 2019, when it’s all said and done.

Speaking about the inspiration for his DNT’ DLT mixtape, AYLØ says:

“The mixtape is about believing in yourself and your ideas. It’s about maintaining confidence through it all you know. Like how the closest people to you sometimes are the ones that either don’t believe at all or they catch on late… after you’ve already been struggling, having to hear all the condescending

shit that might be said about you and your career decisions.

Still it’s your life and your existence, so no one can tell you who you are unless you tell yourself that as well. It only becomes real when you make it real. So whatever it is… dnt dlt. Fight the depression. Know you’re not alone… and don’t delete. Don’t kill yourself, don’t delete yourself, you are abundant. Stay Alive. Please. Love”.

Some of our favorite records from the project include:


Pretty Mana!


Alive abd Breathing!

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