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A Diverse Artist, Adebayo Bolaji Opens A Dialogue Between Internal And External Worlds Within Art

Adébayo Bolaji is a Nigerian/British self-taught multimedia artist, whose work explores an ephemeral narrative whilst placing emphasis on the process of creating a piece as much as the finished result. His upcoming exhibition, ‘THE POWER AND THE PAUSE’ will be exhibiting at BEERS London on the 17th of April – 22 May 2021.

DURO (2021)

This body of work represents a series made up of characters and short stories that operate in a greater narrative. Specifically relevant to the events of 2020 and Covid-19, the pieces reflect constant change; the strengths and complications that are triggered from the possibility of having to adapt to different scenarios. Bolaji’s work opens a dialogue on the dichotomy between internal and external worlds. His art responds to the world around him, allowing for further natural exploration of himself, challenging notions of control and power, through his own personal strengths and weaknesses. His practice revolves around change and honing in on an individual’s connection to society in different forms of practice, whether that be historical, religious, humanitarian or through popular culture.

Bolaji has a unique outlook when creating a piece, he believes that ideas choose the medium of execution. His painting method follows a process of immersion, worked layer through layer, allowing Bolaji to step away from the canvas and work on several projects simultaneously. The bold, vibrant colours are there for an impactful purpose, not only are they exceptionally eye catching, but they exude a desire to be looked at, therefore confronting and drawing in the viewer.

Trojan (2020)

He quotes influences such as Francis Bacon, Dubuffet and Jean-Michel Basquiat, as well as the Oshogbo Art Movement in Nigeria from the 60s.

The Parting of the Red Sea (2020)

2020 has given people an opportunity to self-discover. Many have looked to religious, spiritual or cultural practices for reflection and how to become in touch with oneself. Bolaji integrates these ideas into his work, ‘stepping out’ and allowing himself to translate the chaotic social, political and societal happenings that have left the world uprooted in the past year.

Adébayo Bolaji with Intergalactic (2020)

This exhibition will take place in BEERS London's new gallery space in the City of London, 51 Little Britain, London, EC1A 7BH. | @adebayobolaji

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