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The alternative hip-hop group from San Marcos Texas have a dropped a fire track from their album ‘The Best Years of Our Lives’. The track most likely references the death of Princess Diana in 1997 where a film was made based on her tragic death which occurred months before the release of the film. The production team were largely impacted by this and had to alter the direction of the film ‘Diana and Me’. This circumstance is similar to that of Brockhampton who had to cancel tours and future endeavours while also delaying albums due to the unexpected removal of one of their main members Ameer Van.

The track is so energetic and explosive as the track just never seems to take a break and this is due to the beat that produced for this track by Kevin Abstract, Joba, Bearface, Jabari and Romil. Matt Champion kills the first verse where he sets the tone for his track as well as killing the fourth verse too. Kevin Abstract flow on the beat works so naturally when he is on the second verse while his liveliness with Dom gives the track that extra bit of vibrancy.

You can feel the talent and creativity that is oozing out of the collective within in the group with their innovative tracks and they are definitely a group to look out for if you haven’t already. What’s more important is that each individual has their own distinctive and they are able to bring in their own sound and ability to produce such inventive tracks.

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